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Indigo (Indigofera) is a flowering plant whose leaves were originally used in blue jeans. It is now widely used for making hair dyes. Indigo when combined with henna and other herbs can give many colors like black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, and many more.

Indigo can be applied in a one or two step process. For brown shades, use indigo in the one step process by mixing with henna as follows:

  • For reddish brown, use 75% henna and 25% indigo mix.
  • For brown tones, use 50% indigo and 50% henna mix. 
  • For dark brown tones, use 75% indigo and 25% henna mix.

For Black tones, use 100% henna first and then second step of indigo at 100% (two steps). Alternately, black color can be obtained in a single step by using Natural Black Hair Dye.